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CE and Classification Hours
AREA's New Appraisal Course Curriculum

You Will Want to Know What AREA is Teaching!!!

AREA is now offering all appraisal advancement classification courses in two-day modules. If you only need 14 hours of continuing education - you can gain that. Attend, participate and learn for two days. If you want advancement classification credit - take and pass the course examination and you earn both the 14 hours of CE and the 15 hours needed for higher classification.

Not only are the courses efficient - they are practical, relevant and worth the time and money. The courses are designed to take appraisers deeper into appraisal practice for a better understanding of the appraisal process and to bolster your confidence and sharpen your appraisal skills. AREA's new courses are not a rehash of the same old material. These courses are intended to bridge the gap between what USPAP and regulators expect and the real world. For example, in the new cost approach course you will learn how to calculate the cost per square foot directly from the market data. You will learn how to graph the data and identify costs of all houses within a grouping of houses. You will also learn how to calculate the value associated with differences in GLA. The course now covers calculations for accrued depreciation with an in-depth focus on calculating incurable physical depreciation and curable and incurable functional obsolescence. These are some of the areas that have proven to be difficult for many appraisers and can help you when dealing with underwriting.

In addition to the new courses for the cost approach, sales comparison and income approaches, market analysis and best use, AREA now has CE courses that teach the Georgia Appraiser Act and rules of the Georgia Real Estate Appraiser Board. Another classification course will teach how to appraise difficult properties such as 2-4 family residential, lake properties, historic properties, horse farms, and houses in neighborhoods undergoing significant changes such as what is taking place in the Vinings.

AREA shall also offer courses on tax appeal, condemnation appraising and much, much more. Check out the website at http://education-area-ga.com for more information and schedules or contact an administrator for more course options and schedules at education@area-ga.com or via phone 770-591-5552.

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